Vastu Theory

There is only one true vastu, discovered by Vastu Samrat Mudrageda
Ramarao.  Who did 50 years of research in bringing out the following
criteria for a good luck house.
Lot must be rectangular facing south or west
Elevation on south and west sides, slope on north and east sides
Rectangular fence or compound wall enclosing all the property
House must be located in the southwest side of the lot, facing
south or west and rectangular in shape
Doors and windows must be in the northeastern half of all rooms
Bedrooms should be on the south and west side of the house,
the kitchen in the southeast corner, and bathrooms on the
northeastern side of the house
Do not build any house on cull-d sac lot nor on curved roads
Roads must be built from south to north and west to east as per
If you are building a swimming pool put it in the northeast
corner of the site.
Keep all heavy items in the south-west corner and keep north-
east corner empty in every room in the house.
Do not attach bathrooms to bedrooms.
I have been doing research about buildings for the past 50
years. All buildings that followed linear architecture
(rectangular buildings on rectangular lots with picket fences or
compound walls on straight roads) are successful and
prosperous all over the world.